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Gardeners Delight is a website dedicated to gardening advice, specifically around growing your own fruit and vegetables.
We have built this site to aid gardeners through out the uk and hope that you find the information useful, should you have any questions or wish to contribute to the site in an area we have not already covered then please feel free to contact us.
On this site you will find:
A vegetable encyclopedia, we have tried to be as thorough as possible in describing how to grow and care for each  vegetable and we are constantly updating the website to add new vegetables not listed and to provide additional information such as pest and diseases that affect vegetables.
A Fruit encyclopedia, as with the vegetable encylcopedia our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive list of growing instructions for each fruit.
How To Guides, as we complete projects we like to produce a guide on how to them, this is from building a step to starting an allotment, if you would like to contribute to our how to guides please feel free to get in touch.

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